SONG: Left Right Wrong
FORMAT: mp3, 128kbps
WRITERS: Ryan Tilly, Dave Willard, John Logan with Assistance from Jeff Sankuer and Jason Quartuccio
NOTES: This song took on many forms during the writing/recording process. We had a really great idea, we just didn't know how to correctly put it to tape. Thankfully, Our good friend, John Logan, stepped in and made this song a reality. After countless hours, mixing, re-recording, an re-writing, Logan was able to bring this strange song to life. We're all proud of this track for it's originality and production.

SONG: Stand around (Don't Just)
FORMAT: mp3, 128kbps
WRITERS: Ryan Tilly, Dave Willard, Jeff Sankuer and Vinnie Strockis
NOTES: After a demo version of the song was used in a Quiznos commercial (yeah, the sub company). Ryan and Vinnie focused all of their energies into turning this idea into a full-fledged rockin' jam. This is another case where our producer, (Vin), really went above and beyond to see a song come to fruition. We used an insane amount of tracks for this song, (which even included, Amanda's sister, Sarah performing the female harmonies during the chorus). Personally, it is one of my favortie songs, to listen to and play live.. i think mostly in part because it was a song that we all came together as a whole to accomplish.

WRITERS: Brian Smith, Dave Willard, Ryan Tilly and The Guess Who - Randy Bachman, Burton Cummings, Jim Kale, Garry Peterson)
FORMAT: mp3, 128kbps
NOTES: Recorded in 2002 as a working demo to for song slated to be on a canadian-only release compilation that never came to fruition. USA woman was our version of the Guess Who? classic, American Woman. After Lenny covered it, and the objectionable lyrics in Kidd's verse (all in good fun) we decided to scrap it. But we did have a good time in the process.

SONG: Revolution's End
WRITERS: Ryan Tilly (Dan Rose: guitar)
FORMAT: mp3, 128kbps
NOTES: Recorded in 2002 as a swan song for the end of our first record, Revolution's End, was Cash Till's only solo song. (not by choice, but to fulfil a deadline). It was recorded in the 10' x 10' foot space that was Cash Till's then-bedroom. Kidd came in later to record the chorus vocals and tamborine (simultaneously).

SONG: House of the Rising Sun (animals cover)
WRITERS: Eric Burdon, Ryan Tilly and Dave Willard, Brian Smith
FORMAT: mp3, 128kbps
NOTES: Recorded in 2003 in Cash's bedroom.
written by Eric Burdon and the Animals, Cash Till, Kidd Ickarus and MC Action (later re-recorded with BMast (brandon mast) as his introduction in the band). We recorded this song 72 hours before our performance at the 2003 Vans Warped Tour in Pontiac, MI. We've always had a love for this song and thought what better chance than to do it in front of hundreds of people.

SONG: Where is my Mind? (pixies cover)
WRITERS: Frank Black, Dave Willard, Ryan Tilly,
FORMAT: mp3, 128kbps
NOTES: Recorded in 2004 in Cash's bedroom.
written by Frank Black/The Pixies, Cash Till and Kidd Ickarus as well as BMast (brandon mast) as an hommage to a band that influenced us in our youth. The chorus was intended to sound like zombies in case you are wondering.

SONG: Six Down
WRITERS: Dave Willard, Ryan Tilly, Brandon Mast.
FORMAT: mp3, 128kbps
NOTES: Recorded in 2004 in Cash's bedroom.
written by Cash Till and Kidd Ickarus as well as BMast (brandon mast). Features MC Action (brian smith) handling bass duties. During the recording of this track we found a childs toy that you could kinda 'scratch' with at a thrift store, you can hear it in the breakdown towards the end.

SONG: Whiteboy (just like me)
WRITERS: Ryan Tilly, Dan Rose
FORMAT: mp3, 128kbps
NOTES: Recorded in 2000 with the trusty ADAT.
one of the first handful of tracks recorded by CPR, which then consisted of Cash Till (ryan tilly) and MC Fire (dan rose).

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